Terms of Service

Why do we have Terms of Service?

We have rules and limitations set in place for our company to flow and work in unison with the office, scheduling, payments, techs, and client expectations.

Our goal is to provide an efficient clean, high priority pre-scheduled service, high retention rate with our techs, and professional services all around. We can only accomplish this through terms of service.

We don’t believe in contracts and being bound to a schedule or commitment that is uncomfortable. Therefore we have a terms of service which is an understanding of expectations in writing to both parties while services are being used. We believe in partnerships versus contracts.

Our company is a cleaning company- NOT a maid service. Therefore we will not take on additional responsibilities or requests that pertain to maids.

Please understand that terms and conditions are to notify you as a client and prevent issues that may arise.

What services do you offer?

We specialize in residential recurring services. We offer weekly, and bi-weekly pre-scheduled monthly cleanings.

Your day and time is specifically reserved for your home, so you can have that peace of mind and priority. Monthly cleans or pre-scheduled cleans don’t get priority of day and times as they must fit within our year-round schedule.

Additionally we offer deep cleans, one time cleanings, appliance cleaning, post construction cleanings, rental cleanings, and window cleanings.

For all visits you will receive an email and text reminder 5 days prior to your appointment. Please see our Cancellation Policy in regards to rescheduling/canceling your visit.



What is your arrival window?

We allow a 1 hour arrival window for our first home beginning at 9am.

Our second home in the afternoons will have a 1.5 hour arrival window due to traffic, lunch breaks, or in the event that the previous home had made pre-scheduled changes to their cleaning.

Our scheduling hours are Mon-Fri 9-5pm. To respect our cleaning techs family time, we do not schedule a home to be completed past 5pm.

If you are requiring a SPECIFIC time/window please notify the office so we can make the accommodations if possible.

Payment Processing Policy

All payments are processed by CC on the day of service. We do not accept cash or checks unless by Real Estate or Contractors.

All Clients are required to have a Credit/Debit card on file PRIOR to services beginning, unless previously discussed.

All Clients are required to ensure CC is up to date so payments can be processed after services are completed.

East Coast Property Services reserves the right to pause services 5 days after an invoice is past due. All past due services will have a $25 late fee attached to the final invoice.

East Coast Property Services reserves the right to cancel services due to non-payment 21 days after Invoice Due Date until the account is in good standing.

Cancellation Policy

All appointments canceled 48 hrs PRIOR to their day/time will not be charged.

All appointments canceled WITHIN 48 hrs of their time will be considered a “Last Minute Cancellation” and charged 50% of the total cost of services. This is to compensate our staff for the loss of time and work, leaving a gap in our schedule.

In the event that East Coast Property Services, LLC needs to cancel the cleaning, due to extreme weather, or circumstances beyond our control, we will provide the client with 1-2 alternative dates/times ASAP.

🚫 Repeated Cancellation Policy:

Any clients who exceed 4 cancellations within a 60 day period will be notified and automatically moved to monthly visits with the monthly quoted price.

🚫 Sickness/Covid Policy:

Any cancellations due to illness or Covid exposure will be considered exempt from charges and fee will be waived.

🚫 Skip Fee

We know life happens, and sometimes your service will need to be skipped. Whether your family is sick, loss of power, pre-planned family vacations OR circumstances beyond anyones control......we understand. However, if you are requesting us to skip please know that a price adjustment might be assessed** for your next cleaning.

If you are WEEKLY your next visit may increase by $25
If you are BI-WEEKLY your next visit may increase by $25-$50
If you are MONTHLY your next visit may increase by $65-100

**all case-by-case basis.

🚫 Late Fee:

East Coast Property Services reserves the right to pause services 5 days after the invoice is past due. All past due services will have a $25 late fee attached to the final invoice.

Refund and Reclean Policy

We have a 24 hr turnaround policy so in the event that any areas are not cleaned to satisfactory on the day of cleaning then the client has the responsibility to contact the office within 24 hrs of their appointment and we will return to reclean the areas within 24 hours at no cost.

Your honest and quick feedback is KEY to our success in fixing any error made on our end. We do not offer refunds. All payments are due at completion of the job.

Change of Service/Work Order Policy

All details of what to expect for every routine visit will have been discussed during your consultation prior to beginning services, however we know that life happens and sometimes changes need to be made. Maybe certain rooms are being painted, plumbing fixed, out of town guests, etc. Please notify the office if any changes need to be made to your routine cleaning visits. Changes must be made within 2 hours of your scheduled visit, or they may not be able to be completed. This gives us the necessary time to update the work order, as well as notify the cleaning technician of these changes. Charges might be affected.

How Do You Price Your Services?

All our services are priced at a Flat-Rate price for the job. Our goal is to keep your price as consistent as possible, as this eliminates chaos, as well consistency for your budget.

We do not base your price on the amount of time. We are not here to punch the clock of a job when your “time is up”. We are here to complete the job we have agreed to do on our estimate.

If you ever have any additional requests outside of your routine service please contact the office so the schedule, job instructions, and final invoice can be adjusted if necessary. Just as you don’t ask a plumber or contractor to stay for a certain amount, please do not ask our cleaning team. We will not SWAP out areas of cleaning due to one area not able to be attended to. All changes must go through the office.

How Do I Tip My Cleaner?

Tipping is not required, however it is always greatly appreciated by our staff. Standard amount is 10%-20% of the cost of service. Oftentimes our clients are not home, however we know that you greatly appreciate all our techs attention to detail in your home to make sure its a place of rest for you. If you would like to send them a “Thank You” tip then contact our office and we will let you know how we process them.

How Do I Prepare For Cleaning Day? Do I Need To Be Home?

No, you don't need to be home for any of our services. It is 100% dependent on your comfort level. All of our techs are fully background checked and vetted before entering your home, so you can have peace of mind.

We understand that many of our clients work from home, so rest assured we can work around your schedule to the best of our abilities. However, we will not wait at a property due to a phone call or conference interfering with our flow and time. If this happens that area will be skipped. We understand this is your home but we are here to do a job. Our technicians are training professionals who will communicate their workflow with you upon arrival if needed.

We are here to do the heavier maintenance cleaning services your home needs, so we ask that prior to our arrival any toys, clothes, personal items be picked up/lightly tidy prior to our arrival so we can focus your scheduled time on the CLEANING rather than “picking up before cleaning”.

If home isn’t picked up ECPS has the right to upcharge due to the situation.

NOTE: Heavy cluttered areas, “much loved” playrooms, and piles of laundry will NOT be moved/cleaned and we will work around them. Please understand that we are a cleaning company and we are not responsible for these items, nor are we maids.

How Many People Will Be Cleaning?

We use a solo-cleaning model. So we will only be sending 1 cleaning tech to your home for any home that is less than 3,500 sq ft. Any recurring cleaning over 3,500 sq ft we will send 2 technicians.

Will The Same Person Be Cleaning My House?

We create our schedules based on route optimization to ensure our techs are using their fuel consumption conservatively.

With that said, occasionally we will send a different tech due to scheduling conflicts, or if your regular tech is unavailable, sick, etc. Just like any other job our team is allowed days off.

We also rotate our techs schedules to keep their schedule fresh, as well as a healthy upbeat work environment.

East Coast Property Services does reserve the right to change cleaning techs last minute in order to ensure your home is not skipped, or rescheduled due to staff being ill, or no longer working here.

But rest assured, all our techs are trained the same way, so they know it's important that you have a CONSISTENT cleaning regardless of the tech.

Pet Policy

Our Team LOVES all pets so please feel free to leave your friendly pets in the house, however.....we ask that if you know your pet will experience anxiety during your cleaning (loud noises, new smells, etc) please make the necessary arrangements to make sure they are comfortable. We will house these details in our work order of any pets in the home and their locations. (i.e. Dogs will be kennels in master bedroom)

ALL aggressive animals are required to be kenneled, in separate rooms (which will not be cleaned), or outside during the cleaning. If we arrive at the property and are greeted by an aggressive animal, we reserve the right to not clean your home until the necessary arrangements are made. Our cleaning tech's safety is our number one priority. We will also not pick up any pet accidents.

Rate Increase

East Coast Property Services reserves the right to increase the clients price at any time. The client will ALWAYS be notified ahead of any rate increases. We strongly believe that our staff is able to make a liveable income. This is a physical job with typically high turnover rate. In order to keep our staff in your homes we must give wage increases, benefits, and perks. Your home is the largest expense of your lifetime.. We ensure that our team is careful, responsible, and trustworthy. We are NOT a CHEAP CLEANER for this reason.


We will put all trash in a large bag and place it in an "animal safe" area (Example: Inside the garage) or the Trash can if it is near the home and accessible. We DO NOT take the trash with us in our vehicles.



We require access to the clients property on our scheduled appointment day/time. Information regarding entrance to the property (door code, key, garage code, etc) must be provided BEFORE service that day.

We WILL BE GETTING AWAY FROM carrying clients keys, so entrance access must be on the property (hidden key, lockbox, garage or door code, etc)

If in the event we are locked out of the property we will contact the client immediately and ask for an alternative entrance, or if entrance cannot be provided that same day then a Lock Out Fee of 50% of the

cost of services will be charged to the client.. This is to compensate our staff for the loss of time and work, leaving a gap in our schedule.


We are closed for ALL services on major holidays including: Labor Day, Veterans’ Day, President’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Day after Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day. If your clean falls on this holiday our office will reschedule your clean.

Breakage/ Damage Policy

Accidents happen. We are covered by insurance, however every incident is different, and will be thoroughly investigated upon the time of the incident. If there are sentimental or extra fragile pieces in the home then they will be avoided and pre-discussed during your consultation. A note will be added to the job instructions pertaining to NOT clean or move the item.

Refusal Of Service

Both client and ECPS are both at liberty to end services at any time.

ECPS reserves the right to cancel services due to non-payment 21 days after Invoice Due Date until the account is in good standing.

ECPS LLC reserves the right to end services at any time if they feel the client and East Coast Property Services are no longer a good fit due to the following situations:

Home has become an unsanitary situation
Client has placed expectations which cannot be met within our company
Client is seeking services ECPS is unable to achieve
Cleaning technician feels unsafe on the property or with client due to personal or crude mannerisms Client continuously cancels creating inconsistency in scheduling
Drugs, or other illegal substances are found on the property
Poaching our staff (offering our staff to come and clean privately)

Unfair Solicitation of Employees / Phone Number Contact

ECPS does not permit our clients to “poach” our employees. We request that you not solicit our employees for side jobs or direct hire. Not only does this place our employee in an unfair and awkward situation, it creates a breakage of trust with our company when we have placed a tremendous amount of time and energy into recruiting, hiring, training, vetting, and ensuring you only have the BEST cleaning service our company can offer. If you decide to solicit an employee for private hire, all future services will be immediately terminated.

Please do not ask for cleaning technicians phone numbers. We respect their privacy and homelife and will not allow clients to communicate with our team for items that can be handled by the office. Our team works diligently to have a work life balance and we honor this.


We understand that at times the heat might have been turned up by a renter or houseguest. ECPS is not responsible for managing your thermostat. Our team will not touch thermostats or be held responsible for a heat that has been running while your home is vacant. Please note that our team also does not turn up the heat up if they are cold. Homeowners are responsible for having their home at a temperature that is adequate for cleaning. If the homeowner runs into trouble and is out of town please contact the office immediately for our office to handle. We are not responsible for windows being left open from a house guest either. We are a cleaning company NOT a property manager.


Within your pricing for RECURRING clients one bed is included in the price. Each additional bed is $15 per bed. Duvet change is $25 per duvet. Sheets must be left out in order for us to strip and make beds. We will not search your home for bedding.